T3W6 EL Flipped Lesson (Prank)

Dear pupils, Click on the links below to view the videos. You can choose which videos to watch first.

If you have some time to spare after having watched all the three videos, do discuss the impact of each prank and their differences and similarities.

Leave your responses in the “Comments” section by clicking on “Leave a comment”. Don’t forget to leave your names!


22 thoughts on “T3W6 EL Flipped Lesson (Prank)

  1. The pranker was holding a knife and acted like a murderer whom want to kill a person. If the pranker trip over a rock the knife he is holding might leave a cut on the pranked victim.


  2. The third video was very dangerous and may cause incidents like scaring the victims and might hurt them badly


  3. The pranker can follow the person until he or she reaches the home. He can even scared the victim family members and the victims may call the police


  4. The first video was a prank as the girl took the plastic container but she told other adults to carry the metal container.video 3 :I’ll be the next scarer😁😁😁.


  5. The last one is the most scary and a bit dangerous what if someone had an heart attack or faint

    The second one is irritating as children in the bus spray water at people

    The first one is funny as the girl can show off her strength but actually there is only but a few penny’s


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