HFMD In Writing

Hope you had a fruitful lesson last week on HFMD In Writing!

It will be great if you can share your group’s HFMD write-up in the “comment” section below. Just click on “leave a comment” and type away! Remember to leave important information such as your class and group number.

Just to recap, I am attaching the slides on the said topic in this blog post:


30 thoughts on “HFMD In Writing

  1. HFMD
    I hoped that I had never bullied my fellow classmate.I felt embarrased when the teacher had to scold me infront of my classmates.I could still recall how I bullied him and punched his face.If I could turn back time, I should have listened to my other friends advice.

    by 4C Group 2


  2. I hoped that this incident would not happen again.I felt bad for my friend as I hit him for no reason.I could still recall my teacher’s angry face when he saw me slapped my friend.If I could turn back time,I would not slap my friend’s face.


    • I hoped that I would never do this again. I felt embarrassed after getting scolded in front of the class.I could still recall the moment I punched his face and how loud he had a cry.If I could turn back time I would have nicely to him.


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