See Saw & Class Dojo

Dear parents,

Please upload these two apps in your handphones: See Saw and Class Dojo.

See Saw
This is an equivalent to Instagram. Pupils are able to post pictures, videos and voice recordings. Availability of posts’ visibility is subject to teacher’s approval.

This app will be used when I want to get pupils to show their understanding on concepts taught in class. Do not start posting until specific instructions have been given out.

You may want to watch the video below to understand more about SeeSaw. I will be posting instructions for our very first SeeSaw (fun) assignment very soon!

To sign in the See Saw account, use the QR Scanner in the See Saw app itself to scan the QR code below:

SEESAW QR 3D 2018.jpg

Class Dojo
Some of you are not new to Class Dojo. Some of you are.

As I do not wish to keep flooding your WhatsApp inbox with thousands of the pupils’ photos, from now on, I will be uploading their photos and videos into this platform instead. This app also enables me to award points to the pupils for various areas such as good behaviour and teamwork.

Pupils are also able to customise their avatar!

Here’s a video to tell you more about Class Dojo:

ClassDojo parent and student invites for 3D 2018

Attached above are the codes for you to get connected to the class’ account. I seek your help to not sign in with other people’s account. Let’s work together towards a trusted safe environment for everyone too.

Many thanks and I hope to see you and your children in See Saw and Class Dojo very soon!


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