Methods & Strategies

The methods and strategies shown are mostly created by me to help pupils understand the concepts better. I may use layman terms in certain instances to reach to the pupils’ level. Pupils can equip themselves with these methods and strategies and utilise them in their everyday homework assignments and exams. These methods and strategies also serve to help the pupils in having a head start on questions which may turn them off at first sight.

Teaching & Learning

This blog is dedicated to my pupils, their parents, and even home tutors. I hope it is also beneficial to other pupils whom I do not teach, and also their parents and home tutors.

Having taught for about a few years now, I understand that it is not easy for parents to teach their children at home. They may not be familiar with the latest syllabus and they may also not be familiar with the teaching strategies that are compatible with their children’s learnings. This is especially so for parents who are not in the teaching fraternity. It is a struggle to keep up with what their children are learning in school. What we adults learnt back then in schools may vary so much from what the children are learning in schools today.

Sometimes, home tutors may teach our children very different strategies and concepts as compared to what they are receiving in classrooms. Therefore, I hope that this blog is able to minimise the discrepancies in both of our teaching styles. With both teaching figures being on the same wavelength, children will have less confusion and teaching can also be made consistent in a way.

As for the pupils that I’m currently teaching, this is a good platform for you to revise what you’ve learnt in school! No excuses for you to forget what’s been taught for the day! 😛

Photos & Videos

Any photos and videos taken will be uploaded in password-protected blog posts. Pupils will be given generic passwords to access these posts.


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